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Marco Rivetti

Moved in 2016, Marco Rivetti has made Charleston SC, his home after completing a job assignment as Financial Controller in the Bahamas.
Marco has completed his undergraduate degree in Rome, Italy in Economics and master’s degree from Clemson University in PA before earning his CPA  in 2009.
In 2016, Marco left MSC Shipping as a Financial controller after eleven years of corporate world and founded his own company, specialized in real estate investments in the Tri-County area. Marco set standards for excellence in the real estate industry and ran a wholly-owned, very successful company. The company continues to evolve and promotes the interests of each client or investor.

Italian Investment Properties Llc”.
Marco Rivetti
Founder, CEO,

Marco Rivetti - Italian Investment Properties Llc

Loyalty. The firm always acts to protect client needs and interests. We always conduct transactions where the client will optimize the profit, selling at the highest price and reducing the expenses at minimum.

Confidentiality. The principal-agent relationship is the main guideline on how we conduct business. Agents have an obligation to keep such information confidential, not revealing any potentially damaging details.

Obedience. We always work on the principal’s behalf and are obligated to follow all instructions or wishes.

Disclosure. We must be candid and disclose any information that protects your interests.

Competency and Diligence. We are very competent and our knowledge of the local market is the best, we always act with care and diligence when representing your interests.

Italian Investment Properties Llc - About Us


Company carefully looks for market opportunities, targeting value added real estate with high ROI.
Italian Investment Properties manages the entire lifecycle of the  investment, from acquisition, development and sale.

Sometimes, upon client request, company manages the property for high return lease.

Our Mission

Clients’ needs and best interests are the main targets for the firm.
Company strives to understand markets and clients’ needs.  
We set a high bar and deliver excellence, most of the time exceeding expectations.
Company mission is to alleviate stress during a negotiation.

Marco Rivetti makes sure the client is always properly informed and ready to take action.
Company integrity is always preserved, keeping very high ethical standards.
Honesty and fairness is the mission in every decision and action taken.