Italian Investment Properties Llc

Diversify your portfolio with different real estate investments

Italian Investment Properties

Diversify your portfolio with different real estate investments

Add to your investment portfolio new real estate target assets.

We can assist with a straightforward investment process.

Turn-Key Properties

Italian Investment properties work with investors who are interested in owning rental property or interested in the “flipping” model.

The first solution is “direct property ownership”. Our turn-key solution is a passive investment that yields high returns to investors with a range between 9% and 20% after tax.

The Turn-Key Strategy

Since 2016 Italian Investment Properties has reached outstanding results on purchasing rental properties for clients or properties to be flipped and converted rental properties to be sold in 3-6 months in the Charleston Market. The great Charleston area has been one of the top 5 most dynamic real estate markets In the nation.

A city where over 35% of the population rents, it’s easy to see why owning property is an alluring investment.  Our turn-key strategy offers just that. Our investors can receive cash-flow from day one, since we can find properties ready to be rented within days or sometimes we have properties have been completely remodeled and updated tenant leases in place. We can offer property management and maintenance.

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How It Works

Italian Investment Properties Llc Acquires A Property


The Property Is Completely Remodeled And Updated Or Needs To Be Remodeled


We Can Provide High Tenant Standards / Screening Process If Required By The Client

Investor Purchases Property

We Can Provide A List Of Mortage Officers That Can Assist In The Loan Process

Investor Collects Rent From Day 1 Of Ownership


Recent Projects

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